Brand Assets

Simple Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Exclusive Image, LLC!
We have a few guidelines for using Exclusive Image’s brand resources—please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these guidelines. You can download individual assets in each section.

  • Avoid compressing vertically

  • Avoid recoloring

  • Avoid squishing horizontally

  • Avoid over enlarging

Logo Guidelines

Please use Exclusive Image’s logo as follows:
Logo Previews
Approved logo various and file formats are included in the downloaded zip file, such as:
Stacked Logostacked logo , Stacked with Tagline Logostacked with tagline logo and One-line Logoone-line logo


Our typeface is Myriad Pro. Please stick to the following sizes.

Headline 1 is Myriad Pro Bold at 40px.

Headline 2 is Myriad Pro Bold at 26px.

Headline 3 is Myriad Pro Bold at 18px.

Paragraphs are Myriad Pro Regular at 16px.

Brand Colors

These are Exclusive Image’s brand colors. Copy the HEX codes below, or download the entire palette as an ASE file.

color swatch red
Secondary Red
RGB 237, 28, 36
CMYK 0, 100, 100, 0
color swatch gray
Secondary Gray
RGB 40, 103, 103
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 60
HEX #676767
color swatch green
Secondary Green
RGB 113, 191, 69
CMYK 60, 0, 98, 0
HEX #71BF45
color swatch orange
Secondary Orange
RGB 241, 101, 33
CMYK 0, 75, 100, 0
HEX #F16521

Legal Disclosure

Here’s our friendly legal reminder that these graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws, so please use them correctly.
  • Display these graphics in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by Exclusive Image of your product, service, or business.

  • Use these graphics as part of your own product, business, or service’s name.

  • Alter these graphics in any way, or combine them with any other graphics, without written consent from Exclusive Image.