The vision of Exclusive Image is to create graphics, website and/or promotional products that inspire;
while highlighting your organization’s individuality and goals.

Self-funded, self-motivated

It began as a side job. Comprised of clients looking for a more unique experience than the larger graphic agencies could offer at the time, Exclusive Image was founded.

Over several years, Exclusive Image grew their client-base to stay afloat. No second mortgages, no credit card debt, no investors. We love seeing businesses start small, fund themselves with paying projects, and build-up innovative and sustainable services. This is how we run Exclusive Image. As a result, we only answer to ourselves and our clients.

Since Exclusive Image is self-funded, profitable, and growing, we spend our time nurturing our staff, improving our services and listening to the clients we serve. We chart our own course, and relish in the freedom to make creative decisions.

Our Professional Promise

A standard of excellence in every aspect of our business and in every corner of the world.

Ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations.

Respect for the rights of all individuals

We partner with suppliers that uphold these same socially responsible commitments. Exclusive Image and it’s preferred vendors do not use child labor, do not threaten with violence or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse. We practice and partner with organizations that recognize that wages are essential to meeting employees basic needs. In addition, when fair trade promotional products, supplies, etc. are not available, Exclusive Image tries to use socially responsible items.

Exclusive Image History

  • August 2000

    Exclusive Image founded
  • June 2006

    Moved beyond the bedroom office
  • December 2010

    Broke 100+ clients served
  • July 2011

    First Intern was hired
  • January 2012

    Said goodbye to PC and hello to Macs
  • February 2012

    Operations Administrator joined team
  • May 2013

    Realized a bookkeeper is key
  • September 2014

    Second Intern was hired
  • November 2015

    Web Producer joined the team
  • December 2015

    Upgraded office space to accommodate growing team
  • January 2016

    Graphic Specialist was hired
  • December 2018

    Home office moved to new business office plaza