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Focus on growing your business, not site maintenance.

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We realize that you want your website to look good, load fast, remain secure and bring you customers! Like the maintenance required to keep your car running smoothly, our Exclusive Image team will keep your website tuned to best represent your company.

Maintenance Checklist

  • Basic Edits – Edit existing page/post content (text/images).

  • Backups & Restore – Incremental, reliable, files + folders, off-site storage and different backup schedules.

  • Support – Debugging, troubleshooting and general issue support.

  • SEO – Configuration refinements, *strategy recommendations
    *Initial configuration & strategy package available separately

  • Clone / Migrate – Clone current website for staging, migrate to new host or clone existing site for testing.

  • Updates – Monitor/update plugins and theme versions to ensure compatibility, security and enhancements.

  • Broken Link Checker – View and fix broken links across your website.

  • Google Analytics – Understand your key metrics with an interactive Data Studio Dashboard.

  • Performance Check – Review page speed scores and recommendations for your site’s optimized performance.

  • Search Central – Learn how your site interacts with Google Search (i.e. site health, device responsiveness, etc).

  • Google Safe Browsing – Scan and be notified of any potential unsafe malicious website attempts.

  • Security – Ongoing monitoring for vulnerabilities and identify solutions for improved security.

* All of the above tasks are limited to a specific hourly commitment on a monthly basis, and rolling cumulative.

WordPress Maintenance Price

* A credit card is required to set up recurring payments. No penalties for canceling at anytime.


What kind of response time can I expect for requests?2023-10-26T20:34:00+00:00

As long as a task is requested with a 1 day buffer (or a 4-hour buffer from 5pm PST for same-day tasks) from its desired due date(or time) you can expect tasks to be completed on or before their due date.

If a task needs more immediate attention we can most likely accommodate you as well. Just let us know the urgency of the task and the desired timetable and we will proceed accordingly.

**Though we will clear any additional costs, rush fees may apply depending on the desired timetable and the demands of our pre-existing workload. 

What are your maintenance operating hours?2023-10-26T20:26:21+00:00

These will generally match our regular business hours.

Monday through Friday
8am – 5pm Pacific Time

**The above is extended in the case of an emergency.

How many hours of work does ongoing maintenance provide per month?2023-10-26T20:18:01+00:00

It may vary slightly depending on what tasks are involved, but a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 per month.

Beyond Maintenance

Your organization continues to evolve and so should your website.

Additional fees that may apply for requests beyond ongoing maintenance include, but are not limited to:

  • Additional site pages and blog posts
  • New plugin sourcing and configuration
  • Online form with complex logic/conditions
  • Every additional group of products/services for eCommerce that exceeds 10 items
  • Extensive content updates
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) configuration
  • Accessibility best practices
  • Privacy Policy compliance

For additional requests, Exclusive Image will outline the details in an Estimate and submit it to you for approval before proceeding.

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